Monthly Craft Kits Subscription

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Looking to get creative every month and support small business?

NEW-We are offering our craft kits on a monthly subscription.

You can choose between an adult themed kit or a kit for a boy or girl. 

Homeschoolers and Charter Programs can make a purchase here and pay all at once: Homeschool Monthly Craft Kits

-Details of Subscriptions-

 -They will either be mailed, dropped off locally or you can pick up at the studio (shipping included in price).

-Each month will be a different kit, you will be charged monthly on the 10th of the month, after initial purchase.

-They will be shipped or dropped off between the 15th and 25th (for purchases the 1st-15th) and 25th-30th (for purchases the 15th-25th) of each month. 

-Kids Kits are ideal for ages 8+ but can be done with younger kids with a parents help.

-This is a 3 month subscription, it will automatically expire after 3 months or 3 shipments. No cancellations or refunds within the 3 months/shipments.

-Photos are examples only and aren't guaranteed to be what you will receive, you can leave notes if you are hoping to receive something in particular and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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