Check out our FAQ:

Can I bring a non participating guest?

These are ticketed events, and every attendee needs a ticket, please do not bring guests unless they have tickets. This includes children and spouses. Some events are completely ticketed, and the venue is closed to the public. Most events sell out and seating is limited. Some events are happening while the venue is open to the public however your guest will not be able to sit at the workshop table with you due to limited seating, so we discourage bringing them.  If you have questions, please contact us to confirm details. 


Can my friend/family member make the project with me?

No. Please see above, the same applies to sharing a project. Attendees are learning a skill, everyone needs a ticket.


When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving no earlier than 5-10 minutes before unless it is a venue with food and you plan on eating beforehand which will be a different location than the workshop. We need all set-up time to be focused on preparing the workshops tables. We will not check you in until the time the workshops starts, so please do not show up too early and expect to be seated or allowed to start picking materials. We need the full time to finish preparing as we are only given a small window by most venues for set-up. We normally allow the first 10 minutes of the workshop for arrival, seating and check in. Thanks for your understanding.


Can I bring my own food and drinks to a public event?

Please read the details of the event, every venue is different. If the venue sells food and drinks, they don't allow outside food/drinks. We encourage you to support small business and buy from them. We usually discourage people from bringing food to the workshop due to limited space at the workshop table, so it is ideal if you eat before or after the workshop. Some events are BYOB and it will be listed, if you BYOB it usually only applies to drinks, please bring everything you need for your beverages, this includes bottle openers and glassware.  If you have questions, please contact us to confirm. 


Are outdoor events rain or shine?

Yes, due to the materials and planning involved we cannot easily reschedule. If alternative options are available, we will provide them, most of our outdoor events take place in covered areas. We will not offer refunds for bad weather.


I'm celebrating a special event and want to bring a large group, food and drinks!

We encourage you to consider booking a private event. Many of the venues do not allow outside food and drinks and accommodating large groups at the same table can be difficult. A private event can be booked with 10 or more people (15 minimum or $100 private event fee during peak season). If you have questions please contact us.


I have a friend that wants to attend but they don't have a ticket, can they just show up and buy one there?

We may be able to accommodate them, but you MUST call first, please do not just show up. Ticket sales are done online. Most events sell out and we may not have a seat or supplies for them. Ticket sales end 48 hours prior, therefore if you want to buy a ticket within the 48 hours, call first so we can try to accommodate you. Please do not show up and hope for the best. 


We have a large group, what is the best way to buy our tickets to sit together?

We encourage large groups to buy their ticket all together, this will be the only way we can arrange in advance to have your seats together. Seating will also depend on what the venue can accommodate, some venues cannot seat more than 4-6 at one table so we may need to sit you near each other. If you cannot buy your tickets together, please use a code name in the notes of your ticket and we will try our best (Tina's 40th, Becky's Birthday, Moms Club). If all else fails one person from your group can save seats for the rest of the party.


What is the refund/cancellation policy?

Due to scheduling, planning and supply purchases we are unable to offer refunds. We understand that plans change, if you contact us 2 weeks or more in advance, we are happy to give you a credit for another workshop that is good for 90 days. 2 weeks or less notice and you are welcome to send a friend in your place or have another friend create your project. 24 hours or less notice or no-shows and your ticket is forfeited. 


Why is it asking for shipping information and says my order is pending?

If you received a email confirmation/receipt your order has been placed and you do not need to worry about it "pending". Unfortunately, this is an issue with the web store site provider and we cannot change it. It thinks something will be shipped, nothing will be shipped. We hope to find a solution in the future. 


I received a registration email but no receipt or confirmation email.

This may mean that you registered for an account but did not check out and pay. Did you receive a receipt with details of the event? Check your cart, is the item still there? A receipt will have the transaction details in it, the workshop date and time and also the payment information. If you did check out and don't see it, check your spam. If you still cannot find it, please email us.


Can I bring children?

Most events are geared towards adults. Please read the event details. Events that are blue are 21+, green events are ages 12+. Due to the complexity of the projects and alcohol being consumed we discourage younger children from attending. All attendees need to have their own ticket, regardless of age.


I have a venue and I want to host an event, how does it work?

We look forward to working with you. Our events are a great way to attract new customers and offer current customers a fun and creative activity. We offer over a dozen workshops and can set up events for your venue monthly, quarterly or seasonally. We don't charge the venue, we handle ticket sales and most of the marketing,  so you don't have to. This includes printed marketing materials (if requested) and social media advertising. We set up, host and clean up after the event. Our customers love to purchase food and beverages during their visit and majority of them are new to the venue. Contact us and we are happy to go over the details. 


Do you have a studio to host events?

At this time we are working with wineries, breweries and event spaces. This is allowing us to support other small businesses and allows for more community collaboration. We have no current plans to open a public studio. We have a studio that is currently being utilized for preparing for our off-site workshops. 


Can I host a private event at my home, work or a venue of my choice?

YES! We are happy to come to you. We do not supply tables and chairs, so keep that in mind. If you have a favorite venue and they approve doing a workshop we are happy to set up there. We can also come to workplaces and set up team building events or make venue suggestions based on our community partners.


What is the cost for private event?

Private events can be booked with 10 or more people. Ad of 2022, we have a $100 private event fee for events with less than 15 people during our peak months of September/October and December. 


How do I book a private event?

View our brochure and then contact us with the workshops you are interested in as well as dates. Once the details are arranged, we will send you a link to your event with the details for you to review and pay the deposit (50% of 10 person minimum). Event is not booked and can be booked by another customer until you pay the deposit, please pay upon receipt. 2 weeks prior to the event we will need to know your final headcount, we will then update the link with the final balance for you to pay. Final balance must be paid within 24 hours, this allows us to finalize supply orders for your event. We do not offer refunds on private events. You can reschedule the event date if it is done 2 weeks prior to event, please note that during peak months Sept/Oct and Dec rescheduling may not be available. In an emergency, if possible we will try to accommodate reschedules after the 2 week window however this is not possible for events with perishable supplies (floral or succulent workshops). 


Do you offer kids events or birthday parties?

At this time we are no longer offering events/parties specifically for children. If you want to book a workshops for teens, it would be one of the workshops we offer for adults and the rate would be the same per person rate. 


What time does my class start?

"Social media says a different time than my ticket." Please ALWAYS arrive at the time on the ticket unless we specifically email you letting you know there has been a time change, which is extremely rare. Although it has only happened a couple times, we have had situations where Facebook shows a different time for some participants, a glitch on Facebooks end. On our end it shows the correct time. There unfortunately is nothing we can do to fix this, pay attention to your ticket. We will not refund tickets for those who show up at a different time due to not paying attention to the ticket. If you have questions, please call or email us. 


What is the current pricing for events?

If you view our event brochure it will give you an idea on pricing. Pricing fluctuates based on the location of the event, type of event and current supply costs. For accurate pricing we will need details on your event. 


If you have any questions regarding the above please email us at info@GatherStudioandEvents.com or call us at:

Sacramento: 916.872.1316